Arizona Gunfighters by Laurence J. Yadon & Dan Anderson

Arizona Gunfighters by Laurence J. Yadon & Dan Anderson

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 This popular history separates documented fact from the tall tales that surround ten gunfighters from the Old West. The greatly exaggerated exploits of legendary figures such as Wild Bill Hickok and Bat Masterson are laid to rest in an entertaining read of drama, humor, and no-holds-barred shoot-em-ups. A narrative story-telling style brings readers into the action while the historical research adds truth to the often embellished anecdotes that have outlived the reputations of these infamous gunslingers.


360 pages

Authors:  Laurence J. Yadon is an attorney, mediator, arbitrator, and experienced presenter. Yadon became captivated with American history, specifically the Southwest, while pursing his undergraduate degree. He has been interviewed for his expertise on numerous television and radio programs, including National Public Radio and Chronicles of the Old West, and his books have been profiled in various alumni magazines. In addition, Yadon frequently updates his American Outlaw Chronicles book blog, a site dedicated to law enforcement in the American West. Yadon presents on various legal subjects, Oklahoma history, and crime history. He has also lectured to attorneys and judges on advanced mediation techniques. With more than thirty-five years experience in the practice of law, he has assisted the Department of Justice in litigation matters before the local United States district court and has successfully argued before the Supreme Court. In 2002, he began his own company, Mediation Dynamics, which specializes in mediation and arbitration. Yadon earned his bachelor degrees in history and political science from the University of Tulsa and his law degree from the University of Oklahoma College of Law. He lives in Tulsa, Oklahoma, with his family.