Buffalo by Leonard Boyd  - Sculpture - Not a Zuni Fetish

Buffalo by Leonard Boyd - Sculpture - Not a Zuni Fetish

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The bison or buffalo represents many things to native cultures and collectors alike. Among these values are the endurance to overcome, to meet one's survival needs, to provide for the family and for the tribe; it also can represent good fortune, healing, and abundance.  Not from Zuni Country - Colorado White Alabaster 3.5" Length x .5" Wide x 2.5 Tall.

Leonard Boyd, from the Spokane Tribe was born August 12, 1952 in Nespelem, Washington. Leonard creates alabaster sculptures and acrylic paintings. He has been an active sculptor since 1979 and painter since 1964.

His grandfather was Chief Sam Boyd, the last traditional chief of the Spokane Tribe before it established a constitution and bylaws. Leonard has a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from Eastern Washington University (1978-87); San Francisco Art Institute (1980-81); IAIA, Santa Fe, New Mexico 1978-1980).