Dare To Dream Big by Chris Navarro

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Hardcover  83 pages

‘’DARE TO DREAM BIG’’ is a book about a bronze sculpture designed for the young at heart. It tells the story of a cat sitting on books with the titles of THE POWER OF BELIEF. The cat looking into a mirror sees his reflection as a lion. It is all about being creative and thinking big. Having imagination and the power of belief. The way to become a lion is to think and believe you are lion. There is a mouse peeking around the mirror thinking, “Just what I need, a cat who believes he is a lion!” The sculpture also has an interactive element. Next to ‘’DARE TO DREAM BIG’’ is a large chalk board. At the top of the board a sign reads. I DARE TO DREAM BIG AND I WILL…. (and below it there is space for you write in your own dreams) Writing down goals and dreams forces you to clarify what you want and motivates you to act. Open your mind and heart to the possibilities, trust, believe, if you write it down, one day your goals and dreams will come true! Having your dreams come true is what life is all about. So, when you Dare to Dream Big. What do you dream of? Write it down!