Girls Can be Cowboys Too! Volume I: Snakes in the attic, wildfire, and "If you don't have a dog, use a cat!" by Rose Miller

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When the author moved from Indiana to Arizona, she endeavored to meet her local ranch women neighbors.  The first one, Kim McElroy, was so engaging to chat with that soon both women were laughing their heads off as they shared escapades with their aninals--and how they survived them. Realizing that this was a book just waiting to be written about wonderfully strong, funny and hard-working ranch women. What the author ended up with was a group of eclectic and awesome women willing to share their stories. GIRLS CAN BE COWBOYS TOO! Volume I became a compilation of non-fiction biographical conversations with these amazing women. Several are real ranch cowboys as they work their own ranches or help on others. The word "Cowgirl," is frowned upon by these women as it conjures thoughts of frills and fancy boots, which does not describe these gals. While not every "cowboy" in this story works with cattle, all the women who share their life stories have a connection and strong love of the land, family and animals.  Bev Pettit is a fine art equine photographer known the world over and took the photo of "Jane, Arizona Cowgirl" on the cover. Jane's story is included. The author also includes stories of her own as she and ladies chat. These stories of facinating women are sure to inspire and entertain.  
  • Paperback: 248 pages