Hidden History of Prescott by Parker Anderson

Hidden History of Prescott by Parker Anderson

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Prescott, known as the “First Capital of Arizona Territory,” has
a history rife with colorful characters and notable events. The
growing town included members of the Yavapai Tribe, early
inhabitants whose reservation was established in 1935, and
Chinese immigrants, who were rumored to have built an entire
network of underground tunnels. Fraternal organizations and
secret societies sought to wield influence over the community,
including the Masons, who held their first meeting in 1865.
Explore the origins of the controversial Smoki People and the
rise and fall of the Prescott Rifles, a short-lived vigilante group.
Join author and historian Parker Anderson as he delves into the
fascinating past of this unique town.


128 pages

About the Author
Parker Anderson is an Arizona native and a recognized historian
in Prescott. He has authored the books Elks Opera House (with
Elisabeth Ruffner), Cemeteries of Yavapai County, Grand Canyon
Pioneer Cemetery, Wicked Prescott, Haunted Prescott (with Darlene
Wilson) and Arizona Gold Gangster: Charles P. Stanton, as well as
two self-published books, Story of a Hanged Man and The World
Beyond. He also authored a number of Arizona-themed history
plays for Blue Rose Theater in Prescott.