Pig by Stanton Hannaweeke

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Zuni artist Stanton Hannaweeke carved this adorable pig fetish out of Dolomite and he has Turquoise eyes.  This is an adorable pig fetish by Stanton Hannaweeke.  He is very compact and is made form an interesting dolomite stone with several colors of pink and matrix.  He is smooth with a turned up nose, ears that fold forward and a curly tail.  He even has notches for hooves. Pigs are not a traditional fetish for the Zuni, but Stanton is known for his adorable pigs.  A great addition to your Native American or Zuni fetish collection.

2.0" Length x .75" Wide x 1.5" Tall   

Zuni fetishes are carvings made from various materials by the Zuni people.  Traditionally, fetishes served a ceremonial purpose for their creators and they represented animals and figures that were part of their culture.  Today, as a form of Native American Art, they are sold to collectors worldwide.  With a myriad of materials like turquoise, shell, jet, marble, serpentine, and much more, Zuni fetish carvers are able to create carvings in a style of their own.