The River Flows Watercolors of the American West

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The River Flows:  Watercolors of the American West book explores the watercolors of the American West from the 1820s to the present. We pulled together the artwork and stories of over 40 artists, both historical and contemporary.  

 With the collaboration of 14 museums, 14 contemporary artists, and 5 nationally respected writers, we are proud to publish the first volume solely dedicated to two centuries of watercolor depictions of the exploration and magnificence of the American West.

The book features more than 150 high-quality images, many of which are full page dedicated which brings the artists' creations to life. Spanning 200 years of history, the River Flows is 200 pages long and measures 11" x 12.5"

In addition, at the Phippen Museum a truly unique watercolor exhibition featuring all of the River Flows contemporary artists will be opening in October, 2021.



The River Flows book is both a narrative and stunningly visual timeline that begins in the early 1800's and carries through some of today's top western watercolorists.  The full list of artists includes:

The book features 14 contemporary artists, including the cover painting by fabulous landscape artist, Tom Perkinson and the back cover is a figurative work by William Matthews.