Wood Snake Puzzle - 3 Styles Available

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Kids can learn the alphabet while playing with a puzzle. Playing with puzzles develops hand-eye coordination, gross motor, fine motor, shape recognition, memory, problem-solving, goal setting, patience, and social skills. All of these skills are gateways into higher-level skills.

There are 26 parts to the puzzle — one for each letter in the alphabet assembled in the correct order. Kids learn the alphabet in addition to all the other skills they develop playing with puzzles.

Made from premium grade wood with hand-cut letters. Each piece is carefully inspected and sanded until it is butter smooth.

Approximate size:
Length: 11.8 inches
Height: 6.8 inches
Thickness: 3/4-inch

Not for unsupervised use by children under three years old or children that are still putting everything in their mouth. It is not a teether.

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