Wooden Giraffe Family Puzzle by Woods by Will

Wooden Giraffe Family Puzzle by Woods by Will

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This adorable 9 piece Giraffe Family is 9 1/2" high, 5" wide and about 3/4" thick. They can stand on their own or can be layed flat on their side. Because all the pieces are interlocking, they can be picked up and turned upside down without falling apart if you don't lay them on their side.

Our puzzles are hand cut and they have been sanded, but not finished so they can be more easily painted or decorated by the lucky recipient. To make an easier puzzle, only paint (or stain) the front side of each piece. You can paint it all one color or each piece differently. Leave the backs unpainted to easily identify the front.

Please note: This is a stock photo, the grain pattern on your puzzle will not match the picture due to the infinite variety among pieces of wood.