Belly Dancer by Carolyn Schmitz

Belly Dancer by Carolyn Schmitz

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“The Belly Dancer” is my interpretation of this phenomenon, with the imagined floral costume. Apache plumes and petals of prickly poppies flutter in a skirt of cactus fiber, dotted with flicker feathers, acacia, palo verde, dogweed, and desert fern blossoms. Rattlesnake rattles shake, scorpion tails gleam. A sprig of cane beardgrass trembles on top and the miniature blooms of rattlesnake weed twinkle around her neck. A snakeskin scarf wafts in the bright morning air as she turns.

Excerpt from the book "The Wild Hat"

Greeting cards from original paintings by Arizona artist Carolyn Schmitz. Whimsical portraits of wildlife and native plants from the mountains and deserts. Greeting cards are 5×7 and blank inside. The back of each card lists the native plants used in the painting. Envelopes are included.   Printed in the USA