Chasing the Wind: The Art of Chris Navarro

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Hardcover 176 pages

CHASING THE WIND by Chris Navarro this beautiful book chronicles the life and work of Chris Navarro: his journey from being a rodeo cowboy and oil field worker to one of the premiere sculptors of the West. It explores the significant influences that have molded and inspired his art, showing the transformation of his art from conception to completion. It is filled with vivid descriptions and observations that illustrate the wide range of his work. Gaining insight into the reasons and emotions behind his monumental memorials, this book leads us into a world of sculpture. "Your experiences have everything to do with your beliefs and how you see the world. As in art and life, if what you create is real, and if it's done with genuine emotions, there will always be others who will want to experience and relate to that power. In creating art, I have found something that I really love to do, and I hope people can see that through the work I have done, because when I finish a sculpture, it, too, becomes a part of me." – Chris Navarro

Chris Navarro -Biography

National award-winning artist Chris Navarro from Casper, WY and Sedona, AZ is owner of Navarro Gallery and Sculpture Garden in Sedona, AZ. Navarro has been sculpting professionally since 1986. He is best known for his large public sculptures. With over 34 monumental bronze sculptures placed throughout the country. Recent monumental sculptures include a 16-foot-tall Bronze of the famous bucking horse Steamboat for the University of Wyoming. ‘’ and ‘’The Messenger’’ for the historical Alamo Mission in San Antonio, TX. His work is included in 12 museum collections. The author of 3 books ‘’CHASING THE WIND’’ ‘’EMBRACE THE STRUGGLE’ ’and’’ DARE TO DREAM BIG’’ He was selected as the Honorary Artist for the 2015 Buffalo Bill Art Show in Cody; WY received the 2015 Wyoming Governor’s art award and in 2018 the Distinguished Alumni Award from Casper College.  
Chris, a former bull and bronc rider, still competes in team roping. Chris says “Family, horses, rodeo and art have been the driving passions of his life. I love what I do for a living and hope others can see that through the work I have created. When you love what you are doing the real reward is in the experience of doing it. One of the great things in working with bronze it is such a strong, durable, and permanent medium.
Everyone wants to live on in their work. Knowing my work will be standing in the sun long after I’m gone for future generations to experience and enjoy is extremely rewarding. In the end it is not about how many years you lived in this world but what you leave behind that truly matters.