Hold Your Horses! Exhibition Poster 2024

Hold Your Horses! Exhibition Poster 2024

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Freedom (Detail) by Wei Tai

paper paper poster 17"W x 22"H  

The Phippen Museum’s annual Hold Your Horses! Invitational Exhibition & Sale July 6-September 29, 2024 is dedicated to that loyal and hard-working companion of all mankind…the horse. This inspirational presentation of outstanding artwork features fine artists who are recognized specifically for their outstanding ‘art of the horse’.
The close relationship shared between horses and humans has dramatically changed both species over time. And people have bred horses to make them faster, stronger, bigger, or smaller. But horses have also changed humans in dramatic ways. How we have traveled, traded, played, worked, and fought wars have all been profoundly shaped by our relationship with the horse. In fact, this majestic animal has arguably had a greater impact on the evolution of human civilization than any other. And their powerful influence on mankind is just one of the many reasons this event was created. So we hope you will join us for this popular, annual tribute to the very versatile and incredibly steadfast horse.

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