Ranch Album - A Film About the Real West - DVD

Ranch Album - A Film About the Real West - DVD

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Nationally released as an hour-long PBS special, Ranch Album celebrates rough country ranching in Northern Arizona. Season by season, the people of this film describe what they do and why they do it. In the process, they reveal a sense of something more important; a spirit and culture that have survived in the American west for a very long time. Included in the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences/UCLA Film and Television Archives's survey of outstanding recent work in the documentary field.

In 1987, Gail, along with his brother Lew and friends he had worked for and with made a film about cowboys called Ranch Album which was released as a national PBS special. The film was awarded a CINE Golden Eagle. TV Guide called it "cinematically brilliant and wonderfully constructed" and the Wall Street Journal said it was "a gorgeous film". Ranch Album was included in The Academy of Motion Picture Arts/ UCLA Film and Television Archive Series of Outstanding Documentaries.

Gail has been the foreman of the 50,000 acre Spider Ranch since 1995. The ranch runs from 6100’ to 3400’ with Ponderosa pine trees at the top end, cedar mesas and chaparral in the middle, down to saguaro cactus and Sonoran desert at the bottom end.