The 7 UP Ranch Cookbook

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This beautiful, full color, hardback, 180-page book is equal parts cookbook, history lesson, and photographic essay. The 7 Up Ranch is a traditional working cattle ranch with roots tracing back to the 1880s when Arizona’s ranching industry was in its infancy. The collection contains over 100 recipes from the many families and friends who have been associated with the ranch over the years, blending sophisticated techniques and ingredients with plain old, down home, ranch cooking. All seasoned throughout with anecdotes and tales from life on the range and rich photography that captures the breathtaking beauty of the ranch and the traditional day to work work of its cowboys and families.

For more than five decades, award-winning journalist and photographer Kathy McCraine has been documenting ranch life in the American West. For the past 25 years she has called the sprawling 7 Up Ranch in the mountains of northern Arizona home. In The 7 Up Ranch Cookbook she combines her love of cooking with her love for ranching in a tribute to the traditional cowboy way of life